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A couple of apps you may want to look into!

I’m not sure how many of y’all know about this, apparently it’s not as well known as I thought, but if you get the Google reward points app (shown in the picture below) you can earn Google money to buy apps, books, and movies from the play store. It’s survey questions based on your location. Typically 3 simple questions and you earn .10 cents to $1 each. Not a lot but it adds up quickly and it’s currently covering our play pass subscription which gave us access to a lot of great apps! My husband has been doing it for a while now and last year earned around $300 in Google points. Obviously it doesn’t translate into real money but we have been able to buy so many amazing things with the points including the Google play pass as I said.

If you don’t know what the play pass is, it’s a monthly subscription that gives you access to tons of paid apps and things. The picture below of the Little Critter books is just one an example of what we have got so far with the play pass. They are an Oceanhouse product and they are freaking AWESOME!

They give you an option to have the book read aloud or you just read yourself and every page is interactive including the words. Just tap a word and the app reads it! It’s been so great for our reading lessons, way more fun then basic books therfore hold the kids attention better and longer. They have several books not just the ones I shared here, and this is the only read aloud book app for kids I have found that I really like!

I definitely recommend getting the point rewards app if you incorporate apps into your teachings! Even if you don’t get that app definitely check out the Oceanhouse books! They are all paid apps unless you have the play pass but most of them are around $2 so not to bad. Along with the Critter books they have several Dr Seuss, dinosaur, animal books and a lot more! Might be worth a look!

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