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Keep cool and have fun!

It’s finally starting to warm up here (hopefully it keeps up) normally this is about the time we start planning beach trips, pool time, and water parks, unfortunately with the pandemic and quarantine it’s not looking like those things are happening for us this year. We are being extra careful since our youngest already had covid-19, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to have summer fun and make some memories. Hopefully this crap won’t go on all summer but for now a lot more of us are stuck home this year, so I thought I’d share one of our favorite at home summer activities! We call them water bombs and they are so easy to make, tons of fun and you can do it all for under $10!

All you’ll need is a a few soft sponges, scissors, some rubber bands or ribbon/twine, a bucket, and some water. Cut the sponges long ways into 2-4 strips depending on how big they are. Next get you rubber bands or whatever you choose and tie the strips together, if you got the smaller sponges you may want to use 2 per water bomb. Once your water bombs are put together grab your bucket and fill it up with water! That’s it! So easy! So cheap! So fun!

A fun idea once you make your water bombs….

For our middle child’s birthday party a few years ago we played with a little twist. We bought white t-shirts for all of the kids that attended (and the adults that wanted to play) and we used watered down acrylic paints. Everyone got to choose the colors they wanted and team mates or to go it alone. To start with we played for 10 min. and whoever’s color was on the others most at the end of the 10 min got a prize! After that we just played for fun. It was a lot of fun and a big hit with everyone not just the kids! And since the paint stains (which is why we choose white shirts, the colors really pop) everyone had a unique party favor I labeled thank you for coming and the date of the party before hand!

You can get the paint for .50 cents at Wal-Mart I don’t have exact measurements on water to paint ratio but I did one whole bottle per bucket of water the size of the one in the photo below. You can also use food coloring but in my experience it takes a lot to get the same effect and doesn’t stain as well. You can get white shirts in bulk on Amazon for a decent price depending on how many you need or often you can find them at dollar stores and, oddly enough, gas stations.

However you decide to play have a blast! Throw some water bombs and try not to get hit yourself…. or jump in front of them if you need cooling off! Enjoy your kids while they are still kids, and maybe get in a little cardio!

Click the photos for more details.

Are you going to try it out? Send me some pictures, let me know how it went!

There’s a lot of things we do every year to have simple at home fun for little money, keep an eye out for more!

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Check back often for more downloads, fun ideas, crafts, worksheets, and much more!

Thank y’all! ENJOY!

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