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Weird Science

Science time! I’m always on the look out for science kits to keep on hand, it’s a big subject in our house. Last year we came across The Mad Scientist kit which is the grosses thing ever to me but the kid and husband really enjoyed it. It comes with 7 different science lessons each grosser than the last. Since there is 7 different projects we were able to use this one kit for 7 different science Sundays, not bad for under $20. The heart mold was the only one I had any part in, science isn’t my thing and weird disgusting science is even less my thing. The heart went great with our anatomy lessons and was fairly simple to do. It dries like a foam, you’ll want to keep it in a safe place to avoid smashing. The kid likes the bouncing eye balls, not the worst thing in there so I’ll take it. The eyes didn’t turn out as well as we would have liked, but well enough for the kiddo, you can definitely tell it’s supposed to be an eye.

We found this kit at Wal-Mart on sale for $12 at full price it’s still under $20, as I said not bad for a kit that gave us 7 different lessons. For anyone that likes kits like this I definitely recommend checking out the Magic School Bus kits. They can be found on Amazon and they have served us well over the years. Some of them even come with books, which we love, we are big readers in house.

Not really sure why they choose brown for the heart, but aside from that it turned out well and was a great teaching aid.

The pictures of the eyes don’t really show them very well but they did come out looking like an eye. We had some water beads left over from a different science kit we used to make balls. They bounce very well and are pretty sturdy. The last ones we made are still together and bouncy as ever.

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