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FREE Child ID’s DIY or Made Upon Request

The kid seen my ID asked what it was and why kids didn’t get them. We went into the whole explanation about kids can get them online or from your local police dept. but with quarantine so much of that is on hold. The summer event that happens near us annually to register your children was canceled this year, but if you have been keeping up with me you probably know where we went from there…. The kid asked for something and mom got it done, DIY style! Check out the themed ID’s or get a basic style at the links below! If you’d like a theme that you don’t see simply request it via email on the contact page and I’ll get some made up for you to choose from, any theme you’d like, just ask!

If you’d like me to create a filled in ID for you, you can email me on the contact page for that as well. Include whatever info you’s like filled in and the style you’d like. If you prefer me to only fill in some info and leave the addresses and other private info blank I will do that as well, whatever you’re comfortable with, I’m just here to help anyway I can. Either way, whatever info you do or don’t include, I guarantee it will NOT be shared or used for anything else! All info will be deleted and destroyed after the ID is sent to you. I am a parent like each of you and would NEVER abuse that information or betray your trust as I would expect for myself and my own children! I can also add or remove any info/option you’d like, just tell me how you want your child ID to look and I’ll do my best to create you vision! I will email ID’s back within 48 hours.

I like the idea of the ID but honestly, I’m not to sure how I feel about registering my child through the police dept. at such a young age. I know it’s unlikely it effect them negatively, but still I have mixed feelings about it. My husband disagrees with it all together, so he was pretty happy we did it this way instead. It helps them keep all their info on them at all times to stay safer and memorize their info. And they are pretty cute. For anyone that would like the national ID program or online registered one I included links below.

If you receive your ID and there is any mistakes please let me know so I can correct them and resend any info that may be incorrect. As I said it will be destroyed directly as the ID is sent out so I will no longer have it to look back it. Remember I do take request for any subject and theme, this offer is not exclusive to the child ID’s. You can always make any request on the contact page. Everything you send me is ALWAYS kept private and anything I create is always 100% FREE! I do my best to fulfill request the same day as often as I can. If I can not do it same day it never takes more than 72 hours. Keep teaching! Keep learning! Be happy! Enjoy!

This contains 5 different Star Wars child ID template.
This contains 2 Different Scooby-Doo child ID templates.
This contains 2 different Barbie child ID template.
This is a single Minecraft themed child ID template.
This contains 2 different Harry Potter child ID template.
This contains 4 slightly different templates to make your own child ID!

Use the printing method below and select 4×6 and you should get the perfect ID size!

I receive a lot of questions about how to get all of the worksheets to print full page. Being tech challenged myself, I feel your pain. I have made a quick video on the best way I have found to print the sizes I want every time! If you have any further issues or questions please feel free to contact me. Check out the rest of the HHD videos and educational playlist on the Playlist & Video page or on the HHD YouTube channel.

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