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Summer Fun

Today kicks off our annual week long vacation! We do the some of the same things every year, our traditions we wanted to pass down to our children, and one or two new things. This year due to covid-19 we are much more limited than normal. We are having to miss one of our yearly stops, but I have found a few new ones that will hopefully turn out to be just as fun. As many of you know, we do year round school, 365 days no exceptions, even our vacations become lessons. I always create a pack/lesson plan to go along with each daily adventure we have. This year I will be posting all of them to share with all of you. Join in on the fun!

Unlike every other vacation we’ve gone on, this year we have only planned one stop for sure, leaving 4 days open for random, surprise adventures. I’m not sure what each day will bring us but the one stop we do have planned for sure involves a lot of very cool, not so known animals! We have a list of other potential stops that could lead us to learn about anything from dinosaurs to the history of medical advancements. No matter what we end up doing all of the upcoming packs will be able to be used on their own or with the place that inspired them should you happen to visit the vacations spots yourselves.

We are very excited to start and share our first vacation lesson on over 40 animals! Look for the upcoming packs inspired by our first adventure, in the meantime enjoy the first of our fun and educational summer packs below!

This pack contains 5 summer fun mazes and 5 summer fun word-searches! Good for kindergarten-2nd grade!
This pack contains 5 fun filled summer coloring pages, one for each day of the week!

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