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Last Week Of Bee/Plant Theme 2021

For our science project this week we learned more about beehives and colonies. First we did the bee colony project that came in our Bee-ology kit! The kiddo got to design a beehive with removable vinyl clings and then use the magnetic wand and paperclip bees to make the bees dance in the hive when done decorating it. The booklet it comes with is very detailed and the vinyl clings are not only adorable, but also get the info across well for a child and can be removed and reused as well as used as window clings! We stuck ours to our fish tank which the kiddo loves. Secondly we found a very interesting documentary on Amazon Prime Video called “Bees – Living For The Queen”. It is very informative and held the kiddos attention very well. You get a in depth, up close look inside a real beehive as they follow a year in the life of the bee colony. The audio sounds they got of the queen bees was very well done and you get to see the bees in great detail with the many up close scenes. I definitely recommend watching it for anyone studying bees. And lastly we read our new Magic School Bus book “Inside A Hive”. To add a little more fun to our weekend we watched “Maya The Bee”, also on Amazon Prime Video. For art we made two new, yet very simple to play bee games using the 3d program kiddo has been learning to use. You can check everything out, get the link to buy the book yourself and this weeks worksheet pack below!

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2 new fun yet simple bee games! More games HERE!
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