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A Scientific Adventure Perfect For The Little Scientists In Your Life!

Being year round homeschoolers, we try our best every summer to make any trips and/or vacations as educational as they are fun. No judgment on those of you that do take breaks, to each their own. Of course we do as many outdoor activities as possibly but we do some indoor things as well, especially when it gets incredibly hot. Don’t get me wrong I’d rather have the heat than the cold but when it gets above 75 I don’t handle the heat well. Anyways, if ya’ll are looking for something fun, educational and very affordably priced to do this vacation season (maybe escape the heat on an exceptionally hot day) I definitely recommend heading over to Toledo Ohio and checking out the Imagination Station aka STEM museum. We go to Ohio to visit family every year, I can’t believed it took us so long to discover this place. We go to Ohio to visit family every year, I can’t believed it took us so long to discover this place. Typically our trips to Ohio are very planned out but this was a impromptu mini vacation and we didn’t have a single thing planned including what city we would be staying in. We decided on Toledo because the weather was the best there and my husband searched the internet for things to do. He came across this place on a forum about the best “hidden gems” of Toledo. The forum post included photos of the robot statues displayed outside which is what got my husband and the kiddos attention, they decided immediately they had to see them. I did a quick Google search and found their site to see what else they offered. Unfortunately the site doesn’t display the layout and activities (not a lot of photos) as well as I would have liked, and because of that we almost didn’t go. We decided we’d at least go check out the bots and go from there and I’m so glad we did!

Inside and out this “hidden gem” of Toledo was much more than we ever could have hoped for! With ticket prices being only $19 and under per person it really is worth the time and money. Honestly, after seeing all they had to offer I would have happily paid more. We spent an entire day there and still didn’t get a chance to see/do everything! Everything you encounter is hands on and has something to teach your kiddos and maybe even you. They also have a movie theater with a 58-foot wide, 4K screen with laser projection. They play movies covering topics such as science and technology, nature and wildlife, arts and entertainment and much more! You can go just for a movie or buy a combo ticket and do it all. We didn’t get a chance to see a film this time but it’s the first thing on our list for our next visit. If you’re a science lover yourself and possibly interested in a little adult only science adventure time you may want to check out science after dark happy hour. My husband and I don’t drink ourselves, but it looks like it could be a good time either way, and it’s now added to our date night bucket list. This place truly does offer something for every science lover in the family young or old.

I did my best to get photos and short clips of everything we did so ya’ll could see a bit more than the site shows as far as what they offer inside and know exactly what to expect if you decide to go yourself. We will be going back frequently ourselves. The site does offer a few things I loved. For example. the downloadable educator guides and the DIY page with several science activities you can do at home complete with supply list, instruction and other info! Of course being a homeschool blog, I’d be remiss is I didn’t mention their virtual education and science video pages including a page for the girl scientists out there with empowering and inspirational girl power videos. They definitely offer some great options for a few fun additions to your homeschool days, especially if you have little science lovers like I do! Check out the videos below to see everything we seen/did and get a little more info on everything than the site offers.

Random trips like this are definitely not my thing. I am a planner my husband is more of a free spirt in these situation. When I was younger my grandmother took us on random trips like this all the time and we always had a blast and found so many things we would have never even thought to do or see had we set out with a plan in mind. I had forgotten how much fun all of that was until this trip. We will absolutely be taking more random trips this year so watch out for our next adventure and maybe discover some places for your family to visit that you didn’t know about!

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