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Magic Milk

This is one of the easiest experiment you can do. Kids love it, it’s a very fun activity for them that can be done quickly and cheaply, you may already have everything you in your home! Full fat milk, a dish that can hold a small amount of liquid, q-tips, dish soap (dawn is our preference), and food coloring! That’s it!

Poor a bit of milk on to a small plate or bowl as shown in the photo’s, drop in your food coloring then take you q-tip and dip it in the dish soap, you don’t need a lot, tap the food coloring with the dish soap q-tip and watch the colors explode out! In the pictures to the right you’ll see a few photos we took along the way to show our results! Watch the video below to see how we get our galaxy/nebula results!

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What’s going on here?

Milk is made up of minerals, proteins and fats. When the dish soap enters the milk it begins to break up the fat. The soap molecules try to attach to the fat molecules in the milk. The food coloring helps you to see all of the process take place, otherwise it’s invisible to you.

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Thank You Everyone!

I greatly appreciate everyone’s support! I honestly do work hard on all of this, so I am so happy it’s helped so many people! If you like what I’m doing here please continue the support and spread the word, pay it forward, help me reach as many people as possible so they to can enjoy and benefit from the FREE downloads and other things I offer every week! Thank you for following me on this crazy, but still incredibly wonderful journey! I hope you get something out of this, big or small.

Keep learning! Keep teaching! Be happy! Enjoy!

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