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Rubber Egg

This is the first time we have done this experiment and we had a lot of fun with it! It is one of the longer ones we have done, it takes a full week to get the correct results but it was still one of the kids favs so far. It’s very easy and you don’t need much to do it! Vinegar, jars/glass, and food coloring that’s it! So simple! Get the step by step how to and experiment explained below.

Even though this takes 7 days in total to complete it really is very easy to do. Simply place you raw eggs in your jar(s) (careful not to crack them) and cover with vinegar. We used mason jars because of how cheap they are in packs at Wal-Mart. A pack of 12 is under $10 so we keep them on hand for science and arts and crafts! Add food coloring if you’d like, that’s optional. Put your eggs aside for 24 hours. After the 24 hours is over dump and refill your jar(s) this time set them aside for 6 days. Finally after the week long wait its time to gently rinse your egg(s) and take a look. The should feel similar to a bouncy ball.

What happened to the eggs?

When you soak eggs (shells) in vinegar you start a chemical reaction! The vinegar is around 4% acetic acid and dissolves the calcium carbonate shell. The bubbles you see in the pictures/video are a reaction to the acetic acid reacting with the calcium carbonate in the shell and releasing carbon dioxide gas.

The video below also contains instructions and shows the process a little better!
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Add a little more to your science experiment….

Use seven eggs! This will give you a chance to check an egg a day so you and your children can see the changing process with a little more detail. Have your children make a hypothesis for each egg. What will become of the egg after 1 day, 2 days etc and how different will it be than the 7 day egg? Keep a log/journal of the guesses and results to compare to the last egg. Were you right? What did you learn along the way? Let me know how your eggs turn out!

We really enjoyed this experiment and we hope you do as well! Very Easy! Very cool! Enjoy y’all!

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Keep learning! Keep teaching! Be happy! Enjoy!

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