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Seeds & Bingo

We make bake pumpkin seeds every year. The kids like the sweet ones and my husband loves the salted kind. This year we tried out some spicy ones as well, which went over pretty well. I know there are tons of recipes and ways to cook the seeds, but we keep ours pretty simple. The sweet ones I do with a little melted butter, white sugar, and a dash of brown sugar on top. We also added a little honey to half of them this year as well. They all come out like candy! For the salty ones I use butter spray rather than butter since my husband eats them the most and that’s the healthier way to go. The kids can handle a little butter here and there, the hubby is getting old though time to watch the health more! LOL It’s just butter spray and salt and he eats them up! This year I also did a batch of hot sauce one and some coated in butter spray and Famous Dave’s rib rub seasoning. My husband really enjoyed them, and they were very easy to do. we bake them all for around 15-20 min at 350. Do you and your children bake your pumpkin seeds? What’s your favorites? How do you do it? Download and enjoy the new Halloween bingo pack below!

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Thank You Everyone!

I greatly appreciate everyone’s support! I honestly do work hard on all of this, so I am so happy it’s helped so many people! If you like what I’m doing here please continue the support and spread the word, pay it forward, help me reach as many people as possible so they to can enjoy and benefit from the FREE downloads and other things I offer every week! Thank you for following me on this crazy, but still incredibly wonderful journey! I hope you get something out of this, big or small.

Keep learning! Keep teaching! Be happy! Enjoy!

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