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Alien Blood Experiment

If you like aliens and gross science, this project is for you! It’s cheap, fast, very easy, and a lot of fun to do!

We did a new gross. but super fun experiment! Check out our alien blood and find out how to make your own below! Check out the HHD STEM page for more fun ideas!

Check out the HHD YouTube Channel for more fun and education!

To start you will need to choose an area for this project that you don’t mind getting messy and start gathering your ingredients and equipment listed below.

A friendly HHD tip: When your baking pans start to get old and burned out, don’t toss them. They come in very handy for the messy things like this! I always keep about 4-6, in various sizes on hand just in case. Our little one was perfect for this experiment!

You will need:


Measuring spoons

Mixing spoons

2 bowls/cups

Optional Equipment: If you chose to use the glow/neon pigment powder, a small black light can add some fun. You can get small kids finger black lights on Amazon cheap as well! A beaker to put your alien blood in before pouring it on to make things a little more “mad scientists-y” as the kiddo says.


1 tbsp vinegar (or more if you’d like)

1 1/2 tsp corn syrup

1 1/2 tsp baking soda

Optional ingredients: Food coloring and/or a very small scoop of glow/neon pigment powder. It can be found on Amazon cheap and the color doesn’t matter.

One bowl/cup is just to use for your vinegar. 1 tbsp is enough to get the effect we’re going for here, but we poured in about a 1/2 cup so it was easier for the kiddo to use the dropper when it came time. We also added more periodically to keep the bubbly fun going a bit longer! You can also sprinkle on more baking soda, a little at a time, to create the bubbling effect again and again!

In the other bowl/cup mix the baking soda, corn syrup, and the glow/neon powder if you chose to use it. Stir into a smooth paste. Add your food coloring if you’d like to make it even more gross and extraterrestrial! A drop or 2 should be plenty to get the color you want. Be carful not to add to much or you may stain the skin, but don’t freak out if you do, It comes off quite easily! Now you have your alien blood you can now pour it into your beaker if you wish. Pour the mixture onto your child’s arm with the vinegar and dropper within reach, ready for the awesome bubbling, blood effect! As soon as the goop is all poured on start dropping on the vinegar! Watch the fizzy fun!

If you used glow/neon powder this would be the perfect time for you to turn off the lights, grab your black light and aim for the fizzy, bubbling blood! Very cool!

In my experience 1-2 min should be plenty of time for you to see the bubbling repeatedly. I do recommend washing it off after two min though. It can start to feel a bit odd to the kids after that.

So what’s going on here? The vinegar (an acid) combines with the baking soda (a base) and creates a chemicals reaction that releases carbon dioxide, turning your goopy mixture into super gross, very cool, bubbling alien blood! How cool right? So easy!

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