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I’m not great at a lot of things but I have always excelled at arts and craft style activities and that has been passed down to my children! We LOVE art! We love it so much that we dedicate an entire room and day to it! Every Saturday you’ll find us in the art room creating and making something beautiful and fun! We paint, we draw, we color, we glue, we sew, you name it if it can be considered art s and crafts you can bet we are all over it, and that’s what you’ll find on this page. I have compiled some of our favorite arts and crafts things to hopefully inspire y’all to make something beautiful yourself! You’ll find so many fun arts and craft ideas and projects with full materials list and instructions! Most everything we do is fairly cheap and can be done with things you can find at Wal-Mart and the Dollar Tree, our 2 favorite stores! 😉

I’m not the best photographer and I mostly take pictures with my phone, but I have done my best to take photos that show each item well enough to tell what it is at least. Click on any photo to get a more detailed description of what it is, how it was made, what was used and all other pertinent information. Foe your convenience I have also included the links to printables I have available below the corresponding photos. Scroll, click, and get inspired!

The love bug. This was something we did a long time ago as a mothers day gift, but it works for a lot of different occasions including a fun art Saturday! It’s one of the kids favorite crafts to do still. Click the photos for full details.

These are the skeleton and robot crafts we made into a games. The pages to make your own and instructions are in the downloads below.

Skeleton Game Download

Love Bot Downloads

I came across this on another homeschool blog, I have never done this before. It’s supposed to be a DIY kaleidoscope. I personally did not like this version, but thought I’d share anyway. Maybe it will inspire someone to make a better one, and in spite of my feelings on it my kids had a lot of fun with it so maybe yours will too. I will be doing it again soon with some improvements so hopeful it turns out better! Either way it should keep the little ones busy for a while with little materials for cheap! Click the photos for full details!

Check out the mini volcano (shown below) we made to demonstrate eruption and get the full details on the Science page.

Paper mache. I have done a lot of paper mache over the last 17 years of having children and even more so with our homeschooling. These are just a few of the kids favorites, projects that have held up for years. I use a paper towel news paper combo, altering between layers. The amount of layers I use varies with each project but of all the techniques I’ve used over the years this has held up the best. I always recommend putting a decent coat of spray paint or polyurethane on anything that may get wet or you may want to keep and/or use/play with for a long period of time. Click the photos to get all the information you need to do these yourself.

My oldest painted these. So cute!

These are some random things we have done over the years that you can be done quick and easy for little to no money and a minimal mess! These crafts are often under estimated and forgotten (at least for us) but if you’re looking for a fast fun project for the kiddos these are perfect. I’m glad we got around to them all of the kids love these. I never think about these simple things any more. I forget to slow down, not everything has to be complicated and/or fancy. We all need to slow down and do that more often I think! Click the pictures for more details.

These are various felt and interactive things we have made over the years for the kids rooms, playroom, and just for fun. Click each picture for more details and instructions.

An oldie but a goody, dream catchers! Check out the blog post about dream catchers to get more ideas to make your own and learn a little history about them!

This project was part of our pirate week. We made telescopes and had a scientific treasure hunt! Check out the blog post on the fun fill pirate week to find out how to make your own and get your pirate themed downloads!

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Thank You Everyone!

I greatly appreciate everyone’s support! I really do work very hard on all of this so I am so happy it’s helped so many people! If you like what I’m doing here please continue the support and spread the word, pay it forward, help me reach as many people as possible so they to can enjoy and benefit from the FREE downloads and other things I offer every week! Thank you for following me on this crazy, but still incredibly wonderful journey! I hope you get something out of this, big or small.

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