Frequently Asked Book Club Questions

Most of these questions can be answered simply by reading the full details on each club page, but in case you missed it or still have questions, these are the most asked. Please feel free to contact me any time for further assistance if needed.

Q: Will I be kicked out of I miss a meeting?

A: No. In fact, you can pick and choose which books to participate in each time.

Q: Is it required to stay the whole meeting?

A: No. If you just want to join in the book discussion that’s fine, leave early. If you’re only interested in the free discussion and craft come later, or sit out on the book discussion portion.

Q: What time zone are the meetings set by?

A: Eastern standard time.

Q: Do I need to confirm attendance every week?

A: No. You do need to the first week, and I do ask that you tell me if you’re skipping a book so someone can use the spot if they’d like to. But you only need to confirm you’re attending the first time.

Q: Do I need to sign my children up separately?

A: No. You only need to fill out one form for all of your children participating.

Q: How are the books chosen?

A: I ask the children for requests occasionally and add the books to my book list. Also on occasion I’ll have the children vote on books. But typically I choose them based on the interests of each group the best I can.

Q: Can my children join the meeting in separate devices?

A: Absolutely. As long as they join with the email you signed up with or notified me of beforehand, it’s fine.

Q: How often are the meetings?

A: Weekly.

Q: When will I know what chapters/book to read, or what will be read in The Little Readers Club meetings?

A: Typically that information goes out 5-7 days before each meeting, but on occasion it may go out 3-4 days ahead of time.

Q: Do you take donations?

A: I do not take donations for anything I offer. I’m a firm believer that education is a right and should always be free! Therefore everything I offer is, and will always remain FREE!

Q: Can I switch time slots if needed?

A: Provided there is an open spot in the time and day you’re interested in, absolutely!

Q: I can’t open the books sent. Is there a program you can recommend to use when reading the FREE books sent?

A: Some of the books I send may be in a weird format and need a PDF reader to open. I know, and I am working on converting them. Until I can, you can get a FREE program called WPS that will open anything I send you, ever! It’s amazing! It’s basically a free version of Windows Office. You can get a paid version to do a little more with it, but honestly you don’t really need to, it already offers so much for free! It’s what I use for literally everything; anything I send to the clubs, open, read, and edit documents in almost every format (including any and all of the formats the books I send you are in), and anything I post on the The Homeschool Help Desk site! The link to download the WPS program for FREE is linked here; the words in blue. There is also an app version (linked here in blue as well) from Google Play and the Apple store. If you create an account (it’s free) you can work on, or read anything you save to the cloud on any device! I recommend this program to any homeschooler, club member or not!

Q: Do I have to be a homeschooler?

A: No. True, I did start the site and other HHD things to help my fellow homeschoolers, but since then, people with children homeschooled or not, have used and participated in what I offer. All are welcome, no matter the type of school, home life, family, background, etc. As long as you are respectful and kind, you’re welcome to join the club!!

Q: Can I sign up to attend more than one meeting a week since not every meeting is reading the same thing?

A: Yes! That is absolutely fine as long as there is a spot available. If you would like to be in multiple meetings so you can participate with multiple books, just let me know in the note section of the sign up form and I’ll set that up for you!

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Thank You Everyone!

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