Single Subject Packs

You can click the pack images to preview the contents before downloading. Currently I’m only making these type of packs upon request from my follows.

I add all requested packs to the site in case it could be useful to others. I am doing my best to get at least a few packs for each subject uploaded as quickly as possible, please bear with me. If anyone has anything you could contribute to the site PLEASE email it to me, every little bit helps! You can find my email on the Contact page. You can also email or message me via the site to request anything you’d like that you aren’t finding here.

Math Packs

This pack contains 56 math pages. Addition and subtraction in several themes great for your boys and/or tom boys! Minecraft, superhero, TMNT, sharks, pirates, Scooby, and Star Wars. Some pages are roll and solve, check out the dice pack above to go along with those sheets!
This 16 page pack contains nothing but multiplication and division math pages.
Learn about money with these fun designer money pages! The theme for this money pack is Barbie and Star Wars! There will be more soon!
This pack contains over 30 worksheets in a variety of themes for grades k-2nd depending on your region.
17 worksheets to practice skip counting in fun ways!
New heart theme connect four math game!
New fun, cute cat and mouse theme connect four math game!
Mini flash card pintables to learn to multiply by 2s and 3s and learn the alphabet in sign language! Also a page of blank cards to make your own!

You can also find individual pages for math HERE and math games HERE!

Science Packs

6 volcano worksheets to be used with or without your own volcano project!
This pack has 15 pages of fossils! They are great to create your very own dino dig adventure!
Over 40 animals to learn about! Not every animal in the pack is a “safari” animal per say they are the ones from the Safari zoo we visited.
This 2nd pumpkin pack is more science oriented. It contains pumpkin investigation worksheets (5 different ones to choose from) and a pumpkin facts pages! Get pumpkin pack 1 (art) HERE!
16 various worksheets to learn all about pumpkins including the ones needed to make the pumpkin booklet pictured above and flash card sets.
6 pumpkin worksheets featuring the pumpkin king and friends! Check out the other science related packs HERE & get even more science fun HERE!
3 page to learn all about turkeys!
Two pages on animal cells.
25 pages of animal anatomy and bones. This pack focuses on domestic and farm animals. There’s several versions of each so you can choose which is best for you. Some are more detailed than others and a couple are just silly ones for the younger kids not quite ready for a detailed anatomy lesson.
Reptiles and amphibians mostly.
This pack has several different pages on shark anatomy along with a cut out stackable anatomy worksheet.
This pack contains short descriptions and facts about the 3 filter feeder sharks along with pictures and coloring pages!
This pack includes detailed info on each layer. Fun facts, what lives in each, etc as well as worksheets to go with the reading materials! More packs HERE!

Reading & Language Arts Packs

Over 30 reading worksheets in a varieties of themes!
Over 30 reading worksheets in a varieties of themes!
This pack contains 11 summarizing/in your own words worksheets. Use them to practice summing up an entire movie, a specific scene, the full books or just a chapter!
15 various character description pages!
Over 40 reading worksheets in a variety of themes your little ones are sure to love!
18 kid friendly joke cards and blank ones to write your own! More Smurf fun HERE!

You can also find individual pages for reading HERE!

All Available Themes

Click any of the themes below to be quickly redirected to the page/post containing all of the FREE downloads currently available in your desired theme, as well as any crafts or other shared materials, info, videos etc that may also be useful in that theme! Remember, you can click the pack images to preview the contents of each pack before downloading.

You can find more individual worksheets that can be copied and printed HERE or by clicking the links below while you await more packs. You can also request any pack/theme you’d like. You can contact me via email or on the Contact page message section.

I receive a lot of questions about how to get all of the worksheets to print full page. Being tech challenged myself, I feel your pain. I have made a quick video on the best way I have found to print the sizes I want every time! If you have any further issues or questions please feel free to contact me. Check out the rest of the HHD videos and educational playlist on the Playlist & Video page or on the HHD YouTube channel.

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