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Seeds & Bingo

We make bake pumpkin seeds every year. The kids like the sweet ones and my husband loves the salted kind. This year we tried out some spicy ones as well, which went over pretty well. I know there are tons of recipes and ways to cook the seeds, but we keep ours pretty simple. The […]

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It’s Just a little Hocus Pocus….

Below is all of the Hocus Pocus packs available! If you’re looking for some new teaching aids, books or other school related suggestions be sure to check out the Amazon shopping lists I put together for ya’ll. If you like these packs you may also want to check out the Tim Burton and/or Halloween packs!

Blog Entry DIY & Suggestions Downloads & Packs

Tim Burton & Rube Goldberg!

It’s been a while since I have created a math game. To be honest no part of math up to this point has been an issue for the kiddo, numbers just seem to click in that tiny head. But for whatever reason Little has been having some issues with odds and evens. I’m not sure […]

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Science & Tim Burton!

Last week we started our plant project. Below you will find a little about what that entailed as well as the links to buy some of the materials we are using for yourself. The project is still underway, but going well so far. The youngest has been getting really into bee’s for whatever reason, so […]