Little Readers Social Book Club

This club is typically most enjoyed by children ages 4-9, but the age range is just a suggestion. Older and/or younger children are welcome to join if you think they would enjoy it and be able to participate properly. I am working on adding more for other ages. Please bear with me! In order to keep everything FREE, I run the HHD site, the book clubs, and other HHD things completely on my own!

Before committing to joining, please note this club will only be meeting on Sundays (time TBD) for the time being! Please read through everything carefully before joining.
As of right now, clubs are scheduled to start back up in June 2023!
Book club is coming back soon….


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First Club Meeting Of The Summer

I would like to make sure everyone knows what they are signing up for exactly before signing up. Some info on this page may be the same as The Big Kids Social Book Club page, but not all of it is. Please read EVERYTHING carefully. After you have read through everything, the sign up form is below. If you have questions after reading try checking out the frequently asked questions page, though most question can be answered simply by reading the information below. If this club isn’t what you’re looking for you may want to check out The Big Kids Social Book Club!

If after reading the details below you are still interested in joining, please fill out the form below. Shortly after you have signed up you will receive a welcome email with the book we’ll be reading for the first meeting in June 2023, along with any other pertinent details.

This club will meet once a week and I will do my best to ensure every child has a fair shot to interact/speak. This club is an “open to all” club, meaning everyone that signs up will receive the meeting information and link the day of the meeting and can decide to join in or not. Pick and choose which meetings you’d like to attend, you are NOT required to participate in every meeting. However, I will still do my best to keep the meetings to no more than 15-20 children each time to ensure everyone has a fair shot at participating. The day and time is still undecided, but you will be notified when it is set.

These meetings are two-parters. We’ll be reading together for the first half, and spending the second half socializing, and occasionally doing simple arts and crafts when time allows.

Your children do NOT have to participate in both portions of the meeting to attend. If they want to just hang out and watch myself and others do the craft, that’s cool. If they simply want to come for the story time portion, that is absolutely fine too! They can pop in with a snack, in their favorite comfy spot and just listen to the story and/or watch the craft time!

Like The Big Kids Social Book Club, we will be reading and discussing books, meetings will be held via Zoom, and last up to 60 min each week. However, unlike the other club, you will not be required to read the book before the meetings. Instead, I will bring the book to be read aloud. The books in this club will be shorter, they aren’t not chapter books like The Big Kids Social Book Club. Occasionally I will be able to share the book on the screen for everyone to see, but that it’s always an option with every book. I will let you know before each meeting if I can pop the book up on the screen to share or if it will be the hard copy. If it’s a hard copy book chosen that week and you have it, bring it to follow along if you’d like, but you do NOT have to! I will ask if anyone would like a turn to read each meeting, so if it is a hard copy book week and you’d like to read as well you’ll have to bring your own copy. If I can pop it up on the screen everyone will be able to read if they’d like to with or without their own copy. So, if your child can read and would like a turn, or if you’d like to, just pop up your hand when I ask. If nobody wants a turn, no biggie! I got it! 😉😉

It’s a book club so of course we’ll discuss the book a bit, but it’s also a club for socialization. Once the book is read, I’ll help guide the children in a short discussion about it, and into some other topics (some book related, some not) to further socialization skills.

For the second half of both clubs I try my best to get the kids engaged in talking to one another so they can work on socialization skills with peers and maybe make some new friends. We may play a socialization games here and there (not always the same game), I’ll do my best to inform you of game time before the meetings, but this is often a unexpected event. The games are just to help children start talking, if it trails off to other things (it normally does) that’s great! I’ll move the discussion along, doing my best to follow the children’s lead, it’s their club after all.

But, before playing the socialization game (that’s typically a last resort option to get them talking), I’ll ask if anyone has a topic they’d like to discuss. It can be literally anything they’d like, as long as it’s appropriate of course. If they do we’ll see how far the discussion can go on that topic, if not we may play one of the socialization games to get things going. I include the free discussion time because I know not everyone enjoys reading and often that’s one of the reasons parents sign up for this, to encourage reading more by offering a fun time after. The idea is, hopefully, if the children know reading the book means it will eventually lead to them getting to talk about things they actually do care about, it will encourage them to read. Maybe not everything all the time, but at least the book club books, which is a good start. The meetings may not be super fun for children if it’s just all book talk and books aren’t really their thing, but reading is important right? Some kids need a little incentive. I have found the anticipation of getting to socialize and have fun with others their age each week about things they enjoy to be a great motivator to read for those that dislike to!

Depending on the book read and how long the discussion goes, we’ll spend the second half doing a craft, typically themed to go along with the book that was read, but not always. Some of the crafts will be paper crafts that I will send you (for FREE) so you can download and print them at home to bring to the meeting so we can all do them together in a fun, and possibly unique way! Often for those paper crafts you won’t need anything more than coloring utensils, and possibly glue and/or tape. For the crafts that aren’t paper items I can send…. You will receive an email with a craft list of materials needed to participate before each weekly meeting. I wish I could provide everyone with all of the craft supplies we’ll be using each time, but sadly I can not. But, I will do my absolute best to keep everything very cheap and easy to do.

Info e-mails containing your craft items list, and any other info needed for that week are typically sent out 3-4 days before each meeting. Please read EVERYTHING in your emails and downloads, even if you are in multiple book clubs and it appears the info is the same. It may be similar, but the info for each club will NEVER be the exact same! If you have any questions about anything PLEASE e-mail me, literally anytime, as much as you want/need!

I do ask that parents be near by to aid your children with the crafts if needed, as well as helping to make sure everyone has a fair shot to speak and is being respectful of others during the meeting; not talking over other children, making rude comments, etc. The world may not be fair, but our book club can be!

You will receive the link to the meeting the day of, about 30-60 min before it begins each week! I generate a new meeting link every week to make sure nobody gets the info that should not have it! I do everything possible to make sure these meetings stay safe for our children because that’s the most important thing here!

Again, I will let you know in the emails what I plan to read each time so you can bring a copy of the book if you’d like to, but you are not required to! I do have it worked out now so that (most of the time) I can display the book being read on the shared screen for all to see!! Also, you do NOT have to participate every week. If you don’t care for the book chosen at any time, sit that one out and swing back by when you see the next one you’re interested in.

Please read the book club rules in your welcome email, or get a downloadable copy now below! We won’t use every item on the list every time, but if you’d like to keep the supplies on hand just in case, I have also included a supply list for the crafts we’ll be doing in the rules download!

Previously read: The Giving Tree, Dino Jokes, My Dinosaur Won’t Go To Bed, Dino short stories. Check out some of the crafts we’ve done in our book clubs HERE!!

Note: This club is typically enjoyed most by ages 4-9, but the age range is just a suggestion. Older and/or younger children are welcome to join if you think they would enjoy it and be able to participate properly. Slightly older children may greatly enjoy a lot of what we read, my youngest certainly does. Remember, you can pick and choose the books to participate in. Siblings/friends/guest are welcome to sit in on the club meetings. I will do my best to include any children that sit in on the meetings as much as possible, provided they can and want to be included. They are welcome to do the craft with us, and take turns reading if they can/want to, or just hangout. As long as everyone remains respectful of others, and nobody interrupts the children talking, I’m good. I am working on adding more clubs specifically for older children, but for now I only have this club and The Big Kids Social Book Club active. Please bear with me! In order to keep everything FREE, I run the HHD site, the book clubs, and other HHD things completely on my own!

Theme TBD!!

Check out some of the crafts we have done in our book clubs HERE or on the arts and crafts page!!

The club meeting schedule is still TBD, but don’t miss out on updates…. Sign up now!

Please separate multiple names and ages with commas so I know there are multiple children/parents attending and can plan accordingly! FIRST NAMES ONLY!!
I look forward to meeting you all, hearing all of the thoughts and opinions the children have on all of the many wonderful books we read, and seeing all the things we create together!
Please read the book club rules in your welcome email, or You can get a downloadable copy right now, click below! We won’t use every item on the list every time, but if you’d like to keep the supplies on hand just in case, I have also included a supply list for the crafts we’ll be doing in the rules download!

Club Rules!

After signing up, if you haven’t received your welcome email after 24 hours, or your not getting weekly info/reminder emails, check your spam. Unfortunately, not often, but on occasion they do go to spam, and if you don’t mark the email address as safe they’ll continue to. If you have checked your inbox and spam and still received nothing, please feel free to contact me about it. I do my best to get to every email, but as I said, I run everything on my own so sometimes I do miss things sadly.

Book Club Crafts

The photos below are the crafts we have done in our book club meetings. Crafts are often themed to the book read that week! These are all very simple and cheap to do! Join one of our book clubs HERE to get the FREE downloads used to do some (not all of the crafts we do come from downloads) of these fun crafts! Don’t miss out on all of the creative fun and more! Sign up now!! BIG thank you to the club members that send photos of the crafts we do when finished!

Important! Signing up for book club does NOT get you added to the main HHD mailing list to receive free packs weekly. You are NOT required to sign up for the HHD site mailing list to join book club, however if you’d like to so you can receive those freebies as well, you can do so at the bottom of this (or any HHD) page! You can check out the other FREEBIES on the HHD site using the links below!

To Join The FREE Big Kids Social Book Club (Suggested For Ages 7-12) Click HERE!!!!

The Big Kids Social Book Club summery; click the link to find out more and sign up: In this club we read the books BEFORE the weekly meetings, then discuss them and play book trivia. We also spend time working on social skills by playing games, doing crafts together (for those that want to participate in that), and free discussion time.

All Available Themes

Click any of the themes below to be quickly redirected to the page/post containing all of the FREE downloads currently available in your desired theme, as well as any crafts or other shared materials, info, videos etc that may also be useful in that theme! Remember, you can click the pack images to preview the contents of each pack before downloading.

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Thank You Everyone!

I greatly appreciate everyone’s support! I honestly do work hard on all of this, so I am so happy it’s helped so many people! If you like what I’m doing here please continue the support and spread the word, pay it forward, help me reach as many people as possible so they to can enjoy and benefit from the FREE downloads and other things I offer every week! Thank you for following me on this crazy, but still incredibly wonderful journey! I hope you get something out of this, big or small.

Keep learning! Keep teaching! Be happy! Enjoy!