Writing Practice & Spelling Packs

Below are writing and spelling packs inspired by several popular themes to make it more fun for the little ones! You can click the pack images to preview the contents before downloading. If you’re looking for some writing assignment ideas scroll down for a list of some of our favorite ones used weekly! If anyone has anything you could contribute to the site PLEASE email it to me, every little bit helps! You can find my email on the Contact page. You can also email or message me via the site to request anything you’d like that you aren’t finding here.

36 pages. This pack contains every Disney writing page I have to date including the ones from the Frozen pack and princess pack.
15 Tim Burton themed black pages to make writing a little more fun!
12 page spelling pack with spooky spelling words, Hocus Pocus spelling pages great for testing, and a roll and spell game!
15 spelling worksheets including holiday spelling words and 2 new roll and spell pages complete with turkey dice! Get more Thanksgiving HERE!
12 Thanksgiving themed cursive worksheets including the spelling words from the Spelling and writing pack 1! Get more Thanksgiving HERE!
10 cute and fun Thanksgiving worksheets! Including a new spell and roll page! Get more Thanksgiving HERE!
11 pages for fun themed writing and spelling practice! Check out more Christmas HERE!!
12 page Frosty themed writing pages and new spelling game! Check out more Christmas HERE!!
13 page spelling/writing pack featuring the Paw Patrol pups! Check out more Christmas HERE!!
9 page spelling/writing pack. Check out more Christmas HERE!!
This pack contains every previously sent out writing & spelling pack plus a few new ones! Check out more Christmas HERE!!
17 fun writing practice pages! More FREE bee and plant downloads and more HERE!

Several story dice as well as fun themed writing pages! Get more St. Patty’s day HERE!
2 spelling word list and 6 themed writing pages!
6 new vet themed dice to help your little ones create fun vet short stories! Get more FREE vet downloads and more HERE!!
This pack contains 40 pages to mix and match to create your very own vet journal! You could also use the pages for writing practice. Get more FREE vet downloads and more HERE!!
6 pages of cursive tracing!
11 different dice to make creative writing fun! Roll to choose characters, places, and items to write your story!
Have fun creating random stories with this 18 page story dice pack! Get more story dice and writing pages HERE!
30 writing pages and dice to use for roll-and-write assignments! Get more writing and spelling packs HERE!
25 writing pages and story cards to use for draw-and-write assignments! Get more writing and spelling packs HERE!
Story dice, writing pages, vocabulary & more! More ocean HERE!
Roll and write dice and more! Get more shark downloads HERE!

You can also find individual pages for writing HERE!

We use a notebook for our writing lessons rather than only relying on worksheets. I want the kids to learn by doing and it’s been going very well! Our most used weekly writing assessments are below in case you’d like to try them out as well or could use a little inspiration. Most of the assessments can be done with or without using any number of the story dice, cards, roll and write worksheets and other racecourses I create. I frequently let the kiddo choose which to do that day. On occasion we have rolled dice to decide what lesson we’ll be doing that day or drawing a card from a basic deck of playing cards using only the number cards from one or more of the suits.

Writing assignment Ideas:
  • Write a short story with or without using story dice/cards. Use at least 5 spelling words.
  • Write 5 complete sentences using as many spelling words as possible.
  • Write 6 complete sentences. Show someone talking in at least 2 sentences.
  • Roll a die to see how many complete sentences you’ll be writing then use the story dice/cards to choose the subject matter of each sentence. Use at least 1 fact you know about each character/item you roll/draw per sentence.
  • Write a short story about the character on your description worksheet. Using complete sentences with words you circled on your completed description worksheet.
  • Team building stories. Grab a partner (friend, parent, sibling etc.) and your favorite story dice/cards, you’ll be writing a short story together! Take turns drawing/rolling and then adding a sentence to the story using what you have drawn/rolled. Make sure whatever you add flows with the previous sentences to ensure a well written, fun story! *For extra credit use as many spelling words as possible. Occasionally we let the kids do this one via video chat or even by messenger with family we don’t get to see face to face often. They roll/draw for the person of course and show them the choice then they give the sentence and the kids write in down for them. When the story is complete the kids read it to the person on video. Everyone involved loves it!
  • Draw or roll to choose your character then use the Star Wars encyclopedia to look them up. Read about them and then write a short story or report using what you read.  

All Available Themes

Click any of the themes below to be quickly redirected to the page/post containing all of the FREE downloads currently available in your desired theme, as well as any crafts or other shared materials, info, videos etc that may also be useful in that theme! Remember, you can click the pack images to preview the contents of each pack before downloading.

Sign up for the mailing list to get packs sent directly to you via email the moment they are posted! You can also follow on one of the other social media platforms below!

Thank You Everyone!

I greatly appreciate everyone’s support! I honestly do work hard on all of this, so I am so happy it’s helped so many people! If you like what I’m doing here please continue the support and spread the word, pay it forward, help me reach as many people as possible so they to can enjoy and benefit from the FREE downloads and other things I offer every week! Thank you for following me on this crazy, but still incredibly wonderful journey! I hope you get something out of this, big or small.

Keep learning! Keep teaching! Be happy! Enjoy!

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